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At Cobalt Realty, our mission is to work in partnership with business owners and tenants to support their endeavors in the communities  we serve.  The compelling principles for which we stand are Integrity, Service, and Commitment to Excellence.  We strive to create long-term relationships through strategic asset growth, increased profitability and the procurement of value added opportunities.  We strive to create partnerships and provide leadership that result in successful business ventures, prosperous commercial properties, and fulfilling work environments. 

  • We listen to the goals of our clients and tenants and align our resources to exceed those goals.
  • We create an environment that empowers employees, rewards innovation, solves problems, and gives precedence to clients and tenants.
  • We are committed to developing our employees and creating teams that excel in their functions.
  • We are selective and purposeful when evaluating new business opportunities

Copyright  © Cobalt Realty. All rights reserved.


11001 Highland Rd

Baton Rouge, LA 70810

Ph. (225) 454-6095


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Cobalt Realty is actively purchasing flooded homes and commercial properties for cash in the Baton Rouge area for those wanting to get a fair, quick closing on their property.